Scientific communications

A syngeneic orthotopic EMT6 breast mouse model for preclinical immuno-oncology testing of novel anti-cancer strategies

07 / 09 / 2020

Because of metastatic development of the disease, among other characteristics, and regardless of survival data, breast cancer was shown to be particularly difficult to treat. However, metastases as well as resistance to therapies continue to be a great challenge and the development of new therapeutic strategies is increasingly necessary.

Featured model - Orthotopic glioblastoma mouse model

01 / 07 / 2020

Our syngeneic glioma mouse model, based on the intracranial inoculation of Luc2-expressing GL261 cells and bioluminescence imaging for tumor growth monitoring, represents a suitable tool for chemo- and immunotherapy assessment. It closely mimics the human disease in terms of tumor progression and anti-tumor response, and recapitulates glioblastoma characteristic features including among others tumor immune cell infiltration and tumor-induced immunosuppression.

Model responsiveness to standard Temozolomide and immune checkpoint inhibitors i.e. anti-CTLA4, anti-PD1, and anti-PDL1 antibodies, makes it well-suited for testing candidate compounds for their efficacy, as single agents and/or in combination, in promoting anti-tumor activity.