Collaborations & key partners

Key partnerships

We are setting up a unique platform in immuno-oncology, which brings together robust analytical technologies and innovative assays for cancer immunotherapies testing. To gain access to the latest technologies, we have built a network of key technological partners:


Nanostring Technologies

NanoString has partnered with Explicyte to make the GeoMx® Digital Spatial Profiler and nCounter® Analysis Systems widely accessible for outsourcing challenging projects. 


Collaborations & key partners
Cisbio Assays

With its HTRF assay platform, Cisbio provides fluorescence-based assays covering a wide variety of targets and cellular readouts which make the platform one of the gold standards for early drug discovery and screening.

Essen BioSciences

Essen BioScience

Word leader in the field of live-cell in vitro assays and instrumentation, Essen BioScience supports the in vitro services of Explicyte Immuno-Oncology.


Olink Proteomics AB | Public Marketplace  


Olink provides solutions and support for proteomics discovery, based on a series of protein biomarker panels, which use a unique technology called Proximity Extension Assay.

Scientific collaborators

  • ANTOINE ITALIANO, MD, PHD ANTOINE ITALIANO, MD, PHD Medical oncologist, Inst. Bergonié Head of the Early Phase Trials and Sarcoma Units at the Bergonié Comprehensive Cancer Center in Bordeaux, France.
  • GILLES GUILLEMIN, PHD GILLES GUILLEMIN, PHD Professor, Macquarie University Professor of Neurosciences, expert in tryptophan metabolism, Faculty of MEdicine and Health Sciences, University of Macquarie, Australia.
  • PATRICK LEGEMBRE, PHD PATRICK LEGEMBRE, PHD Research Director, OSS lab, CLCC Eugène Marquis Research director in the Oncogenesis Stress Signaling lab at the Eugene Marquis Comprehensive Cancer Center in Rennes, France.
  • FRANCESCA FALLARINO, PHD FRANCESCA FALLARINO, PHD Immunologist, University of Perugia Francesca Fallarino, Associate Professor at University of Perugia, Department of Experimental Medicine, Perugia, Italy
  • DAVID GILOT, PHD DAVID GILOT, PHD Researcher, IGDR, Rennes 1 University Researcher, Institut de Génétique et Développement de Rennes, Rennes 1 University, France