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We are a specialty contract research organization offering preclinical and translational research services for the development of novel anti-cancer immunotherapies.

Based in France, we have assisted international biotech and pharma companies, as well as comprehensive cancer centers for the past 10 years.

Our expertise in cancer immunotherapies

Cell-based Assays

Exploring anti-tumor immune response in sophisticated cellular models

In Vivo Models

Testing novel immunotherapies in well-characterized syngeneic tumor models

Translational Research

Discovering new targets and biomarkers in preclinical and clinical samples


Explicyte Immuno-Oncology I Cancer ImmunoTherapy CRO Services

Explicyte immuno-oncology offers preclinical contract research services for cancer immunotherapy drug discovery and translational research services. Our preclinical CRO services range from cell-based assays – for the phenotypic screening of novel immunotherapeutics and the in vitro determination of the molecular mechanism of action of new anti-cancer immune modulators – to in vivo studies, using syngeneic mouse tumor models treated with antitumor immunotherapies such as immune checkpoint inhibitors (anti-CTLA-4 monoclonal antibodies, anti-PD1/PDL-1 antibody therapy). Furthermore, we offer to explore the in vivo mechanism of action of innovative immunotherapies such as anti-cancer vaccines, gut microbiota modulators, and CAR-T and NK cell therapies, through the profiling of the anti-tumor immune response by flow cytometry, quantitative digital pathology, and RT-qPCR. In addition, we provide translational services in immuno-oncology. Working with patient biopsies (liquid or solid samples), we can assist clinicians in the discovery of novel cancer targets and biomarkers of cancer immunotherapies. In the context of clinical trials, we offer biomarker testing and biomarker research services. Our flow cytometry team has a 10-year expertise in biomarker analysis in plasma, serum, and PBMC samples.  We also offer to analyze tumor biopsies using digital pathology, spatial transcriptomics, and Olink-based proteomics.  All our drug development services for cancer immunotherapy are performed in Bordeaux, France, serving clients all around the world, including sponsors in Europe (EU and outside), Germany, Belgium, Spain, UK, USA, Canada, Japan, and Korea.

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