Immune cell-mediated tumor killing

Various key immune cell subsets play an important role in mediating tumor cell death through several ways involving immune-mediated cell killing mechanisms such as T cell cytotoxicity-mediated killing and antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC), which result in the induction of target cell apoptosis. One of the current promising challenge in cancer immunotherapy is the potentiation of the specific elimination of tumor cells. While in vitro immune cell killing is recognized as perhaps one of the most relevant functional measures to evaluate the ability of candidate compounds or antibodies in promoting the effector immune function, many techniques have been developed and appropriate in vitro assays for the evaluation of the effectiveness of immunotherapeutics must more and more fulfill requirements in terms of high sensitivity and quantitative analysis, and should also allow the analysis of the tumor cell death occurring within days instead of hours.

Explicyte is offering specialized in vitro T cell cytotoxicity-mediated killing assay and ADCC assay to evaluate the immunomodulatory function of test compounds / antibodies. Our sensitive and quantitative assays based on the use of 96-well plate co-culture of human tumor cells* and primary immune cells along with a live cell imaging platform enables the kinetic monitoring of the killing immune response towards tumor cells and thus analysis of cell death specifically within the tumor cell population.

* Contact us to know the tumor cell lines available in this assay