The way we work

Managing together your R&D programs

The way we work
1. After a Contact request, the project starts with a Study Designer who evaluates the project and establishes a specific appropriate scientific design so as to best address Sponsor's needs. Study Proposal is then written accordingly, detailing study description, budget and timeline.

2. Upon Study Proposal approval, a detailed Study Protocol describing all the experimental / technical parameters of the study is drafted and provided to the Sponsor for his approval. Afterwards, the study is implemented and initiated according to the timelines previously defined.

3. Experiments are launched and performed according to the agreed Study Protocol. The Sponsor is then regularly informed and is periodically and timely provided with Study Progress Reports throughout all the study.

4. A final & complete Study Report, including experimental results, analyzed and interpretated, as well as statistical analyses and raw data, is delivered at the end of the study. All the results are then discussed with the Sponsor, which could help for decision making and to open up perspectives.