Antibody dependent Cell Cytotoxicity (ADCC) assessment

Consisting in the targeting of cancer cells for destruction by antibodies to be then killed by effector immune cells, antibody-dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC) is thus the basis of several monoclonal antibody therapies which have been proven powerful and highly promising for cancer treatment.
Explicyte offers to perform an ADCC assay based on the full-time course monitoring of both cell proliferation and death of tumor cells, in the presence of immune cells and of candidate antibodies targeting specific tumor antigens. Our kinetic and quantitative cell-based assay allows thus the dynamic assessment and evaluation of the efficacy of test antibodies in eliciting ADCC and directing killing activity towards target tumor cells.

Assay principle

  • Co-culture of target tumor cells with immune cells (PBMCs, purified T cells…).
  • Real-time monitoring of tumor cell count (tumor cells stably expressing a nuclear fluorescent probe) as a surrogate of cell proliferation, and of tumor cell death using a mix-and-read caspase 3/7 fluorescent reagent, over several days in the continuous presence of immune cells.
  • Automated image analysis & segmentation enables apoptotic death quantitation specifically within tumor cells (caspase 3/7 fluorescent probe within the nuclear probe-expressing cells).
  • Ability to multiplex with additional functional measures such as effector cytokine release.