In vivo glioma mouse model recapitulating key human glioblastoma characteristics provides an invaluable resource to assess novel immunotherapy-based strategies aiming at bolstering immune system functions to ultimately improve treatment outcome.

Our validated syngeneic glioma mouse model, based on the intracerebral inoculation of Luc2-expressing GL261 cells which allow tumor growth monitoring by bioluminescence imaging, represents a suitable tool for chemo- and immunotherapy assessment. It shows reproducible and predictable growth characteristics and closely mimics the human disease in terms of tumor progression and anti-tumor response, and recapitulates glioblastoma characteristic features including among others tumor immune cell infiltration, tumor-induced immunosuppression and astrogliosis. Interestingly, the use of immunocompetent syngeneic host makes it well-suited for studying glioma immunology and testing innovative drug candidates for their efficacy in enhancing the anti-tumor response alone or combined with reference therapies.

Orthotopic GL261 Glioma Mouse Model To Test Your Immunomodulatory Compound


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