Former Executives Of Fluofarma Joins Explicyte

Two former key executives of preclinical CRO Fluofarma will join Explicyte in March 2016. This new brand, powered by ImmuSmol, offers preclinical contract research services in immuno-oncology, and intends to release specialty research services in the field of neurobiology by the end of 2016. 

François Ichas, PhDFrançois Ichas, PhD

Founder and Chief Scientific Officer at Fluofarma for over 12 years, François Ichas is joining Explicyte and will bring his expertise in high-content analysis and molecular & cellular biology.


Loïc Cerf, MScLoïc Cerf, MSc

Global project manager at Fluofarma for over 10 years, Loïc Cerf will oversee all projects at Explicyte, from customer studies to collaborative research projects.