ImmuSmol is launching Explicyte Immuno-Oncology: a brand-new range of preclinical services in the field of cancer immunotherapy.

The Bordeaux-based antibody company ImmuSmol is launching today a range of preclinical services in the field of cancer immunotherapy under the brand Explicyte Immuno-Oncology. Immunologist Alban Bessede, CEO of ImmuSmol, explains: “Fluofarma has been distributing our in vivo services in the field of immuno-oncology since 2014. With the restructuring of Fluofarma in December 2015, we have taken the opportunity to launch our own brand and extend our capabilities for the in vitro and in vivo screening of novel cancer immunotherapeutics”.

Explicyte Immuno-Oncology currently offers to test innovative cancer immunotherapies in vivo, using syngeneic mouse tumor models treated with immune checkpoint inhibitors (eg. anti-CTLA-4 and anti-PD1/PD-L1 antibodies). In addition, Explicyte is setting up an in vitro platform for the identification and optimization of novel immunomodulators. Equipped with high-content analysis technologies, the platform will focus on live phenotypic screening in co-cultures of immune and cancer cells, as well as molecular cell-based assays for the assessment of immune checkpoint inhibitors.

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