Modulation of the immune system function aiming at enhancing the responsiveness potential of immune cells is one of the current promising challenges in cancer immunotherapy. Upon activation, immune (T) cells undergo clonal expansion followed by differentiation into effectors to mediate cytotoxicity and/or cytokine release. Modulating the mechanisms underlying immune cell activation is key for the development of innovative approaches to promote immune function and tackle tumor progression.

We set up a specialized in vitro immune cell activation assay based on the high throughput HTRF quantitation of key cytokine (e.g. IFNg) release, to assess your candidate compounds and biologics, as single agents and/or in combination, for their immunomodulatory properties to enhance immune cell activation. In addition to this functional measurement, our assay takes advantage of the real-time live cell imaging to provide a kinetic and phenotypic monitoring of immune cell activation.

More about our immune cell activation assays

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