Reference: SM0624
Contract type: Full time position, permanent contract
Location: Bordeaux, France


You are passionate about the interplay between immune and tumor cells? You have experience with 2D and 3D models? You master flow cytometry and other multiparametric platforms for in vitro analysis? The perspective of testing innovative cancer immunotherapies creates some excitement? Keep reading and apply!

Keep reading and apply!


About Explicyte

Explicyte is a preclinical and translational contract research organization specialized in immuno-oncology. Our goal is to assist academics, biotechs, and pharmas in the discovery of novel targets and novel cancer immunotherapies.

With a team of 25, we’re a human-sized company, which brings under the same roof cell biologists, immunologists, in vivo scientists, medical oncologists, and bioinformaticians. Focused on sponsors’ projects, our activity also involves in-house R&D and external collaborations, which led to the publication of 25+ papers in high-impact-factor journals.

Based in Bordeaux, our lab is located at the Bergonié Comprehensive Cancer Center, where we work in close contact with medical oncology teams. We believe Explicyte is a place to learn, grow, and have impact in the fight against cancer.

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Your position

To strengthen and expand our in vitro team and activities, we are looking for an experienced in vitro Immuno-Oncology Scientist, ready to take up with us the setup of new in vitro platforms and assays, relevant for the testing and development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies.

In your role, you will be responsible for the technical and organizational management of sponsors’ and in-house R&D in vitro studies, from their implementation and performance to data analysis. You will timeously provide deliverables with respect to the project’s requirements and timelines.

You will interact closely with the in vitro team members, and will report to study directors and to the CSO.

What you will find at Explicyte


Your skills & traits

  • Ph.D – or equivalent – in science and health-related field
  • Minimum 2 years of experience in preclinical development in the health industry: Pharma, Biotech, CRO…
  • Broad understanding of tumor immunology and/or cancer therapies
  • Expertise in cell culture protocols (eg. 2D, 3D, immune/tumor cell co-cultures, immune cell isolation and cultivation, differentiation and polarization protocols)
  • Mastery of multiparametric analysis methodologies, mainly in flow cytometry
  • Project management experience (from planning to closing projects)
  • Excellent diligence
  • Strong interpersonal & organizational skills
  • Ability to easily adapt to changing priorities and challenges
  • Enthusiasm, curiosity, and integrity


Your missions & responsibilities

  • Provide draft protocols according to the proposed scientific and experimental strategies
  • Implement studies – relying on undeniable organizational skills – according to their design and established schedules
  • Manage and perform – diligently – in vitro and ex-vivo experiments
  • Cell culture-based experiments for functional immuno-oncology assays: with human and rodent cell origins, with tumor and/or immune cells (PBMCs, T cells, macrophages, tumor-infiltrating leukocytes…), and requiring immune cell isolation and cultivation, differentiation, polarization, etc
  • 3D approaches: spheroids, organoids, and patient-derived tumor samples and their use in preclinical research and therapeutic assessment
  • Ex vivo processing of collected samples for immune or tumor cell isolation, or for further analyses (FACS, ELISA…)
  • Capture, analyze and compile data, including quality controls
  • Ensure accuracy and completeness of study documentation and timely provide study deliverables
  • Write internal protocols and standard operating procedures
  • Contribute to experimental development by implementing new methods and training other collaborators and team’s members


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