Functional Effect Of PDL1 Blockade On A Cell-Based Assay

Strong to the unprecedented clinical benefit offered by immune checkpoint blockade (Ipilimumab, Nivolumab, Pembrolizumab) cancer immunotherapy gained high interest in drug development.

To support your R&D program(s), we propose to explore and characterize the in vitro effect of your candidate compounds on human immune cells. To validate this approach, we characterized – on a 96-well throughput & live cell imaging platform – the effect of PDL1 blockade in our human immune cell proliferation assay, which shown a clear stimulatory effect (see Figure below).

Also, to strengthen the immune cell proliferation data, ancillary studies can be implemented such as the quantification of cytokines (IFNɣ, TNF) within the cell culture supernatant and flow cytometry analysis to analyze more in depth the possible MoA of your drug candidate.


Stimulatory effect of PDL1 on human PBMC proliferation. Real time detection of cell confluence (blue objects) using live-cell analysis platform reveals a strong enhancement of TCR stimulation with gold standard PDL1 immune checkpoint inhibitor. This results are confirmed by the increase in IFNɣ level.