New in vitro Shuttle Session: M2 Macrophage Suppression Assay

01 / 07 / 2020

Initiate the new year with our next in vitro shuttle session on our validated M2 macrophage suppression assay, which will take place by early February – thereby providing an opportunity to timely and cost-effectively assess novel immunotherapeutics.

Our M2 suppression assay, based on i) the co-culture of monocyte-derived M2 macrophages and activated T cells and ii) the quantification of IFNg levels as surrogate of T cell activation, is specifically designed to assess candidate compounds for their potential to repolarize / switch M2 macrophages and to antagonize M2-mediated T cell suppression.

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                           More data also available in our M2 Macrophage Suppression Assay white paper