In Vitro Immune Cell Killing Of Tumor Cells

07 / 12 / 2016

Cancer immunoediting is a dynamic process which consists in three phases including elimination, equilibrium and tumor immune escape. During the elimination step there is an engagement of effector cells such as natural killer or T cells which initiate tumor cell death – an event defective in case of tumor progression. Such key mechanism thus warrants investigation to optimize immune cell mediated killing of tumor cell. To this aim, we developed immune / tumor cells co-culture on a 96-well throughput platform to evaluate the capacity of candidate compounds to promote immune cell dependent tumor cell death alone and/or in combination with immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Immune cell killing of murine CT26 colorectal cancer cells is enhanced by CTLA4 blockade. Colorectal cancer cells (CT26) are cultivated in the presence of anti-CD3 activated splenocytes in the presence or absence of anti-CTLA4 Ab. Cells are followed by live-cell imaging for both proliferation and apoptosis (Caspase 3/7 – green objects).