An IVD-compliant service for Tertiary Lymphoid Structure (TLS) scoring for immuno-oncology

A specific expertise in TLS

In the past few years, conjointly with teams from Institut Bergonié (Pr Antoine ITALIANO, Dr Lucile VANHERSECKE), we released papers in Nature Cancer, Laboratory Investigation, and Nature Medicine highlighting the importance of TLS analysis in the context of cancer immunotherapies.

An in-house panel for TLS scoring

We thus developed a multiplexed panel to detect TLS presence and maturity status to ultimately select patients who might benefit the most from cancer immunotherapies.

An IVD-compliant digital pathology platform

Based on in-house capacities in digital pathology (from sample preparation to automated acquisition and scoring), we’ll be launching in the coming weeks a dedicated service for the scoring of TLS in cancer patient biopsies. Stay tuned!

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Paul Marteau, PharmD (preclinical study director), Imane Nafia, PhD (CSO), Loïc Cerf, MSc (COO), Alban Bessede, PhD (founder, CEO), Jean-Philippe Guégan, PhD (translational study director)

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    Explicyte is launching an IVD-compliant service for the scoring of Tertiary Lymphoid Structures to help medical oncologists determine which cancer patients would benefit the most of cancer immunotherapies.

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