Last updated February 24, 2014.


Thank you for your interest in Explicyte. We are committed to protect the security and privacy of your data, as a visitor and as a customer. In compliance with French law n°78-17 and its amendments, we thus want to ensure you can access, modify or delete any personal information collected by us.

You will find below a detailed account of the kind of data we may collect through the website, how we use them and how you can correct or remove such data.




For visitors who have not logged in, navigating our website is strictly anonymous. The data we collect to monitor website traffic and enhance user experience through Google Analytics do not contain any personally identifiable information.


ImmuSmol only uses 1 minimal cookie, which allows registered users to stay logged in. This cookie does not contain personally indentifiable information. It is placed on your computer for your sole convenience and is removed at the end of your session. You can disable this cookie in the settings of your browser.




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Please be advised that navigating our website shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of our security and privacy policy, together with our terms and conditons. We may update from time to time such documents. We therefore recommend you to read the latest version of each document at the beginning of every visit.




Please feel free to contact us for any question or claim regarding our security and privacy policy at:

Dr Alban Bessède

ImmuSmol SAS

PTIB – Hôpital Xavier Arnozan

Avenue Haut Lévêque

33600 Pessac – France