In vitro screening of cancer immunotherapies

Explicyte offers 2 panels of cell-based assays in the field of cancer immunotherapy. On one hand, we have developed a kinetic approach to phenotypic screening, based on live-cell IncuCyte® imaging and analysis system, which allows to select and characterize immunomodulators based on their kinetic profile. The second panel, based on Promega’s technology, is made of cellular reporter assays for the characterization of immune-checkpoint inhibitors

Live-Cell Assays for cancer immunotherapy screening

In vitro phenotypic screening immune cells activation function

Based on IncuCyte®  technology, our assays are designed to quantitatively image the development of distinctive phenotypic features in “immune cell” and “immune cell plus cancer cell” co-cultures (96 wells). Using this approach, we can for instance address the efficacy of candidate therapeutic antibodies targeting surface epitopes of cancer cell to facilitate their recognition and eradication by the immune killer cells (Antigen-Dependent Cell Cytotoxicity). Additionally, we can determine whether candidate drugs can impact on the migration (chemotaxis) and the activation (proliferation, clustering) of immune cells, and whether this translates into their ability to kill cancer cells (T-Cell killing).

Cell-Based Reporter Assays For Immune Checkpoint Inhibitor Screening


There is tremendous interest in identifying the best candidates capable of unleashing the antitumoral immune response by releasing effector T cells from exacerbated checkpoint controls.

Based on Promega’s technology, Explicyte offers to screen immune checkpoint inhibitors relying on pairs of engineered cell lines in which the engagement of the TCR by an artificial APC causes Luiciferase expression in an effector T cell. However, in each assay this activation is counteracted by the concomitant formation of a specific immunomodulatory complex that limits the response. The purpose is thus to identify candidates capable of restoring a full luminescence emission indicative of an efficient immune checkpoint neutralization.

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Explicyte immuno-oncology offers to perform cell-based assays in the field of cancer immunotherapy. Our cellular tests are suited for high-throughput phenotypic screening, for hit and lead identification. We also have validated a range of cellular assays for the screening and profiling of immune checkpoint inhibitors inducing CTLA-4 blockade, PD1-PD-L1 inhibition or IDO/TDO small molecule inhibitors. Our preclinical services are performed at our facilities, in Bordeaux, France.