Cancer immunotherapy screening & preclinical trials

Explicyte Immuno-Oncology offers specialty CRO services for the preclinical development of novel cancer immunotherapies. We have developed a continuum of in vitro and in vivo services to assess the efficacy and mechanism of action of novel therapeutic strategies. We can test novel compounds alone, or in combination with approved drugs, such as immune checkpoint inhibitors.

Cell-based screening services


Explicyte has validated a range of cell-based assays for cancer immunotherapy screening. Our cellular tests allow to select and characterize drug candidates either stimulating the anti-cancer immune response or inhibiting known immune checkpoints, such as PD1/PD-L1, CTLA-4, and IDO/TDO enzymes.

In vivo proof-of-concept services


Explicyte’s in vivo services rely on a small number of well-characterized syngeneic tumor models, treated with first-in-class chemotherapies or cancer immunotherapies. Each model is based on an optimized protocol, and data about the immune response profile to treatment is available.

Biomarker studies for preclinical trials


In the context of in vivo studies, Explicyte offers to monitor the anti-cancer immune response to treatment over time, using satellite mice or longitudinal blood collection. Immune biomarkers can be quantified in biological fluids, spleen, lymph nodes and tumor tissues using RT-qPCR, serological explorations and flow cytometry.


In addition, it is to be noticed that Explicyte holds a specific expertise in the analysis of small molecule biomarkers involved in immune escape mechanisms. Using ImmuSmol‘s antibody-based technologies, we offer to analyse metabolites, such as kynurenines, in blood and tissue samples.

More details about biomarker studies

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