Management board

Alban Bessede Explicyte Immuno Oncology CEO immusmol

Holding a specific expertise in cancer immunotherapy models, Alban (also CEO of ImmuSmol) actively contributes to the design and discussion of clients' studies.

Alban Bessede, PhD
Immunologist - Scientific Director
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Loic Cerf fluofarma explicyte immuno oncology

Having managed preclinical studies for over 10 years, Loïc is in charge of customer relations, ensuring the planning, day-to-day coordination and reporting of clients' studies.

Loïc Cerf, MSc
Global Project Manager
Francois Ichas Fluofarma Inserm Explicyte Immuno-Oncology

Chief Scientific Officer of a preclinical CRO for 15 years, François brings expertise in oncology & high-content analysis technologies.

François Ichas, PhD
Scientific Advisor
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Scientific collaborators

Francesca Fallarino immunologist tryptophan metabolism

Francesca Fallarino, Associate Professor at University of Perugia, Department of Experimental Medicine, Perugia, Italy

Francesca Fallarino, PhD
Immunologist, University of Perugia
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Antoine Italiano

Head of the Early Phase Trials and Sarcoma Units at the Bergonié Comprehensive Cancer Center in Bordeaux, France.

Antoine Italiano, MD, PhD
Medical oncologist, Institut Bergonié
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