Our clients deserve reliable and accurate data about the efficacy and mechanism of action of their compounds. In the context of long lasting studies, such as in vivo experiments, they need to closely monitor the effects of their compounds. To meet their needs, we have adopted a specific approach to preclinical contract research.

The way we work

  • 1. Study proposal

    Following a first meeting with the client, we design a personalized study proposal, with a detailed budget and timeline.

  • 2. Experimental protocol

    Upon proposal signature, we validate the experimental protocol with the client and arrange the delivery of compounds / reagents / animals.

  • 3. Experiments & reporting

    Experiments are performed according to the agreed protocol and progress reports are periodically forwarded to the client.

  • 4. Final report & discussion

    Experimental results are interpreted by a scientific director and discussed with the clients at the end of the study.

A few things we believe in

Active Listening

We believe research is made of human interactions. Each project is closely followed by a project manager and a scientific expert. Their role is to discuss and adjust the experimental design to better fit to clients needs.



We believe service is about planning and delivering. Upon study proposal agreement, we provide our client with a clear study design, with a defined study protocol, budget, timeline and deliverables. Our job is then to deliver.



We believe science is about precision and reproducibility. We solely offer to perform studies in validated and well-characterized in vitro and in vivo models. Furthermore, our analytical services exclusively rely on robust and quantitative technologies.



We believe clients are entitled to maximum and immediate information. We favor direct communication with the client during the experimental session to pilot hand in hand the study.